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A selection of Graham’s latest interviews, articles and columns published in the national press.

100 years ago they disappeared on Everest. But did they make it to the summit? (CNN, 20/05/2024)

Mallory unlikely to have reached Everest summit, says author (The Times, 06/05/2024)

Nepal Trekking: Better safety measures could save lives (20/10/2014)

Everest: Looking Back (

Everest Deaths: Is it time to make climbing the highest mountain safer? (25/04/2014)

Mystery at the top of the World: Did George Mallory make it to the summit of
Everest before he died? (*Editor’s Choice*) 

All Aboard: exploring Venice from the water (24/01/09)

High and mighty in Peru: Try an alternative to the overcrowded Inca Trail (28/07/07)

Secret waters: Reliving author Arthur Ransome’s literary journey along the Essex coast (02/06/07)

Mountaineering: Nothing beats the feeling of reaching a lofty peak (25/02/06)

Over the sea to Skye (28/08/04)

Plain sailing in the Med (05/07/03)

The North West: Climbing in Cumbria 

Climb every mountain, sail every sea (23/02/02)

Inside the World of Travel: I slept with the captain and half his crew (28/08/99)

Travel for mind, body and spirit: Arms Honey-hunting in Nepal (09/01/99)

Travel: Because it might be out there (26/09/98)

Travel: The truth about bird’s nest soup (01/08/98)

Asia: Flying in the face of reason (30/05/1998)

Rocks of ages (22/11/1997)

Something to declare (26/07/97)

True or false? (28/06/97)

Travel & outdoors: Halfway to heaven (19/04/1997)

Travel & outdoors: Looking down on Creation (19/04/97)

A swift course of higher education (29/03/97)

Where compasses fear to point (13/04/96)