Last Hours on EverestLast Hours on Everest (2014)

#1 Amazon Mountaineering Bestseller. An expert mountaineer cracks Everest’s most intriguing mystery – did Mallory and Irvine reach the summit in 1924 before they perished on its slopes? Read more here…

Walking through springWalking through Spring (2016)

Did you know that the English Spring moves north at the speed of a walk? Graham walked the length of England following the spring, planting an oak tree every mile. This book documents his journey. Read more here…

Yeti - An Abominable HistoryYeti: An Abominable History (2018)

On an expedition to the remote Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, Graham found and filmed footprints of the mythical yeti in a lost valley that had never been visited by Westerners. But is the yeti real? Read more here…

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