Author, Mountaineer, Sailor and Producer/Director of Adventure Films

The Seven Summits are the highest mountains on each continent, and the Seven Seas are the seven world oceans:

The 7 Summits:

Everest (Asia) - Climbed
Aconcagua (S America) - Climbed
Denali (N America) - Climbed
Kilimanjaro (Africa) - Climbed
Elbrus (Europe) - Climbed
Vinson (Antarctica)
Carstensz Pyramid (Australasia)

The 7 Seas:

The Arctic Ocean - Sailed
The North Atlantic - Planned 2016
The South Atlantic
The North Pacific
The South Pacific - Sailed
The Southern Ocean - Sailed
The Indian Ocean

Seven Seas, Seven Summits

Graham Hoyland is hoping to become the first man to complete a voyage across the Seven seas and to the top of the Seven summits: a feat that has never been achieved before. Can it be done?

When Graham had climbed Mount Everest and McKinley, the two hardest mountains, and had sailed across the Southern Ocean to Antarctica by sailing yacht, certainly the most difficult ocean, he became confident that this project was possible and is now writing a book on his experiences as he completes them. The well-known actor and adventurer Brian Blessed is patron of the “Seven Seas, Seven Summits” expedition.

Since the conception of ‘Seven Seas, Seven Summits’ Graham has climbed all but two of the summits and is now concentrating on sailing more seas, with the Arctic Ocean recently completed in 2015 and the North Atlantic scheduled in 2016.

More updates on his adventure will appear on this page. Watch this space!